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We understand that renovating your home is a large investment, and one that you want to get right, first time. Urban Build Co can help from the design and concept stage right through to completed build, ensuring a straightforward project within expected timeframes and, most importantly, minimal disruption to your living space throughout the process. We’ll help you give your home a new look without compromising original or existing features through an effective blend of old and new materials. No project is too large or too small, and fixed-price costs mean there are no nasty hidden surprises.

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Which Home Renovations Offer the Best Return on Investment?

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If you want to improve the resale value of your home, the fastest way to achieve this is with a home renovation project. The types of renovations you will want to engage in to increase the value of your home will be dependent upon when or if you are considering selling your property. If you’re thinking to sell your home in the near to immediate future, substantial renovations are probably off the table. In this case, you will likely wish to focus on rapid, immediate small improvements, like painting the front door and mowing the lawn. Time-dependent, could also consider painting specific rooms of your home.

However, if you’re not immediately selling your home, you should consider pursuing more substantial investments that will yield a higher return on Investment (ROI) and make your home immediately more enjoyable to live.


Residential Maintenance


If there are any repairs needed in your home, you should likely address these before you consider selling. Even if repairs aren’t particularly costly to fix, they give potential buyers an incredibly negative impression and reduce value significantly. For most repair jobs, you will require a professional building service.

Urban Build Co are experts in minor to sizeable residential maintenance and repairs. Our team of multi-skilled tradesman can repair or rebuild all manner of residential elements including Decks, Fencing, pergolas, timber walls, Bathrooms Floorboards, Cladding, tilling, Waterproofing, Electrical and plumbing.

Pavement Appeal


First impressions count more than you think. Studies show how appealing your property looks from the street can have an enormous impact on the value of your property. Minor aesthetic improvements like ensuring the lawn are mowed for inspections can have tremendous benefits.


Some minor home improvements can make a tremendous difference, painting the door with high-gloss paint and displaying some plants. However, more substantial aesthetic and functional enhancements to the exterior of your property are incredibly worthwhile investments.

Recladding is one of the most significant improvements that can dramatically increase the value of your home. Urban Build Co are Auckland’s Experts in Recladding. Urban build Co is available across Auckland not only to fix leaking cladding but also to do complete beautiful complete recladding. Have a look at some of our incredible past work here.


Other external factors

Especially during the summer months, external features like decking are critical elements of a home’s value. If your home has an outdoor space that’s not meeting its full potential, consider creating an outdoor entertainment area with decking, especially if the outdoor entertainment area leads directly to an indoor open plan space. Urban Build Co specialise in functional, beautiful outdoor decking.


Kitchen Renovations

Sandy Smith writing for Domain Australia states: “Costs for a basic custom kitchen installed will all plumbing, electrical and tiling can be as little as $10,000. This can add enormous appeal and value to the property, with the increase in value sometimes being as much as $50 to $60,000.”

However, you should be particularly cautious about claims a kitchen renovation will inevitably provide such a high on return on investment. If the potential buyers don’t like the particular colour scheme or the cabinet tops you’ve chosen for the new kitchen, a renovation could reduce the buying price.

Therefore, although a kitchen can provide a high ROI, you should consult a professional regarding which potential fit-outs are likely to be appealing to the maximum possible buyers, both immediately and over a longer time frame.

Bathroom Renovations

Renovating a bathroom or even adding on suite can have a dramatic effect. However, you need to be sure to use timeless materials that will continue to look their best for the long term. Selecting traditional materials such as marble will produce the highest ROI.


Complete Home Renovations

Of course, if your budget isn’t limited the optimal home improvement when done by renovation experts such as Urban Build Co will lead to the maximum returns. Urban Build Co have performed multiple complete renovation projects for both commercial and residential clients. Our clients are always happy with the results! Check out some of our previous work and investigate our testimonials to get an insight into what Urban Build Co renovations achieve.

If you have any queries or enquiries regarding any home renovation projects, don’t hesitate to get in touch today!

What to Consider Before a Home Renovation

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Urban Build Co’s Renovation Consideration Tips


Assess your Budget Realistically!

High-Quality renovation projects cost money; there is no way around that. Having a realistic financial expectation may be the first place to start in renovating your home.

People often have no idea how much a particular project might cost them. You can’t make reasonable decisions about how you could improve your property until you have an idea of the costs.

No project is too large or too small for Urban Build, and fixed-price costs mean you can be sure how much a project will cost in advance. No Surprises!

Get in touch if you are unsure about how much a renovation could cost. Our expert friendly team is happy to provide you with a zero obligation appraisal.


Structural Engineering Expertise

It should seem obvious, but any builders you choose should make preserving the safe structural integrity of your property the number one priority.


Local Planning Laws

If your renovation plans involve any external changes, especially expansions to your house. You have to factor in the additional time taken to clear your plans with local authorities.


Good after work service

Your builders should endeavour to leave your home every day in perfect shape, ready to face whatever elements are thrown at it. Regardless of the particular stage in a renovation project, the builders are engaged in at the end of a given day.

It should also be imperative that they’re available to return promptly in the unlikely possibility that any pertinent issues arise. Choose Builders Like Urban Build Co who are ready to go the extra mile!


Which Renovation Projects are Likely to have the Biggest Impact?


External Appearance

The outer appearance of a property can have a huge impact on its value the front of a property is the first thing any potential buyer will see. Having high-quality, attractive cladding can make a dramatic impact on properties external aesthetics. View some of our recladding here.



Outdoor Entertainment Spaces

So your guests can fully enjoy the New Zealand climate why not consider adding or enhancing your outdoor entertainment area! The addition of a stylish deck or a terrace can add enormous value to a property, particularly if it’s directly connected to an open plan indoor space.



Revamping your bathroom, or even adding a new bathroom or on-suite can have a dramatic effect. Using high quality, timeless materials such as marble make sure your bathroom looks awesome now, and for the long-term.


Maximizing Space

Not only do potential buyers love wide-open interiors but also they make for a more enjoyable functional living. You should consider refurbishment plans that remove some non-structural walls, getting the most of the space you have by creating open plan areas.


Complete Interior Refurbishment 

Of course, the most effective way to enhance your home is one complete integrated refurbishment project. Urban build our experts at designing total refurbishments to meet the needs of property owners.


Warn your Neighbors

Especially if your renovation plans are extensive, it’s courteous to warn your neighbours in advance of work commencing. Regardless of the how much care is taken during a renovation process. When undergoing a renovation some loud noise is an inevitability.  They’ll appreciate the forewarning, and this will help you maintain a positive neighbourly relationship.


Choose Timeless Style

It’s fine to follow the whims of fashion when choosing accessories for your home, but renovations should be made with the future in mind. However, fashion can be a trap when it comes to major home improvements. It’s in fantastic that you’ve got your own specific tastes and your tastes should always be accommodated but you might also want to view lots of photos and get some guidance about what will really work in the longer term.

Urban Build’s classic, minimalist design and fixtures and top quality craftsmanship are sure to look good for years to come.


Local Experience and Testimonials


Before you decide on the builders you want to perform your renovations, you want to do a little investigating into the company’s reputation. Have a read of their testimonials and even consider getting in touch with a past client.

You also want to ensure they have good knowledge and have performed projects within your local area. This will enable them to better negotiate local planning laws and building regulations.

Rest assured Urban Build Co have an impeccable record of specialist renovation services across Auckland.

If you’ve any questions or enquiries don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Dallan Place – Albany

Project Details:

Full interior renovation to existing commercial unit. Our client wanted to utilise their large commercial space by converting it into a home, office and factory all in one. With high end interior fittings we were able to help create a luxury home within an industrial environment - so they could create that work-life balance.

Architect: Campbell Registered Architects

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Remuera Road – Remuera

Project Details:

Our customer wanted to transform their tired existing bathrooms into something modern, fresh with clean lines. We set to work and converted three bathrooms, all with floor to ceiling tiles, tiled showers, custom made vanities, including a custom made makeup table.

If you would like to discuss a bathroom renovation, then we are the experts. For a no obligation discussion then call us today.

We are your local North Shore quality Master Builder

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