10 Things You Should Always Consider Before Building a New House in Auckland. – Part 1

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  1. Site Surveys.


One of the first things you should stop to consider before planning any construction site is the detail of the site itself. Factors like whether the land is suitable for building or whether current topological features place any limitations on the constructions you could potentially develop on a property.


The first stage in any construction is getting a qualified Land Surveyor conduct a feature level and boundary audit. Land Surveyors use state of the art GPS equipment to measure and draft all topographical features of a property. These reports allow for thorough planning by architects and Builders like Urban Build and are a necessary step for acquiring council permits for new builds.


These reports will also Provide a detailed overview of existing infrastructure that may be underneath the property, and correctly define the exact boundaries of your property based on GPS coordinates and historical data. The info provided will also be incredibly important to the planning the construction if there are any logistical issues regarding site access.


  1. Budget


Many decisions simply cannot be made if you don’t have a realistic budget in place for the entirety of the construction project. Detailing your available funds and how much you would like to spend is the first step in and new home build projects. This budget may have radical implications for your next choices such as the size and shape of the construction, the construction materials used, including whether it’s single or multi-story etc.


You should also be sure to factor in possible unforeseen costs and delays when undertaking any construction process. Delays in building processes are often entirely unavoidable. You should always plan to have sufficient finances to get you through in case a project takes considerably longer than you had initially planned.



  1. Size and Shape


Think about the needs of yourself and your family, the way you would like your home life to work and function not just in the immediate term but into the future. Functionality is an incredibly important aspect of any new build, especially with any custom designs. Your budget and the individual specification of the land itself will, of course, place large limitations on your available options.


A good guide is looking at the current house you’re living as well as houses where you’ve resided before. Try to develop an accurate understanding of what your current home offers you as a homeowner, both regarding insufficiencies and excesses. This should give you a good understanding of what you require for your home to be optimally functional. You need to apply this thought process not just to the house as a whole but also, to every individual room as well as the total number of rooms in the house. This may be an entirely overwhelming task. Urban builds expert architects can work with you to design a home that matches your needs.




  1. Construction Materials


Most houses within New Zealand are made from timber frames and surrounded with either weatherboards or Brick Cladding (Urban Build Specialize in Beautiful Aesthetically pleasing cladding). Some other materials have recently become more common and affordable, including steel framing and concrete constructions. There are also several alternative building options available including use of plasters, plastics straw bales and earth mixes.


Factors that may go into your choice of material should include the local climate, your available budget, and the environmental impact of the materials used, as well as the final value of the properties construction.


  1. Orientation.


There are some factors which should influence the orientation of a new home build including the local climate, surrounding views, the topography of the land and existing vegetation, street access, the size of the property, and expected noise levels should all be considered when deciding upon the final orientation of a construction plan.


The direction rooms of your home are facing can make a massive difference to the amount of light as well as the cost of heating this room. To get the most out of the New Zealand sun, you ideally want the most used living areas to be as close to northward facing as is possible. Having the most extensive double glazed windows within the house opening in a northward direction will allow you to make the most of the morning sun, and stop the room from overheating too much on those mid-summer afternoons.



With the exception of your available budget, the experts at Urban Build Co can help you make all of these decisions. If you’re considering a new build and want to know more about how Urban Build Can help contact us here.


If you’re looking for some inspiration about what’s possible check out some of Urban Build Cos previous new builds here.

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