Should You Renovate Your Home or Build a New One?

The decision to buy, renovate, or build a new home is exciting. When you currently have a home that is already built, the possibilities are endless. You can tear down a few walls to change the layout of the home … Read More

FAQ’s about Recladding in New Zealand  

The past 20 years has not always been kind to New Zealand homeowners. The leaky home crisis affected tens of thousands of homes, schools and other buildings. Victims of this crisis, and other homeowners with internal framing issues, are turning … Read More

10 Things You Should Always Consider Before Building a New House in Auckland. – Part 1

Site Surveys.   One of the first things you should stop to consider before planning any construction site is the detail of the site itself. Factors like whether the land is suitable for building or whether current topological features place … Read More

Questions That You Should Always Ask of Your Home Builder

What’s the first question you should ask a potential builder? We would suggest: “Are they are a registered builder?” You should never hire a builder who isn’t enrolled. You should never hire a Builder who hasn’t been licensed by the … Read More

Identifying and Fixing any Damage Caused by Leaky Home Syndrome.

  Homes built by Urban Build Co would never encounter problems associated with leaky home syndrome. However, Urban Builds have an expert team of multi-skilled tradesman/Licensed Building Practitioners that can tackle any maintenance or repair jobs that have arisen because … Read More

Which Home Renovation Projects Offer the Best Return on Investment?

  If you want to improve the resale value of your home, the fastest way to achieve this is with a home renovation project. The types of renovations you will want to engage in to increase the value of your … Read More

What to Consider Before a Home Renovation

Urban Build Co’s Renovation Consideration Tips   Assess your Budget Realistically! High-Quality renovation projects cost money; there is no way around that. Having a realistic financial expectation may be the first place to start in renovating your home. People often … Read More