Questions That You Should Always Ask of Your Home Builder

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What’s the first question you should ask a potential builder? We would suggest: “Are they are a registered builder?” You should never hire a builder who isn’t enrolled. You should never hire a Builder who hasn’t been licensed by the building practitioners board in New Zealand.


This is essential as it’s a legal requirement for any projects that will affect the buildings structure or its weather tightness. Licensed building practitioners must carry out or supervise this type of work.


You can rest assured Urban Build Co are fully registered builders. However, Urban Build Co go further, having been a registered master builder for many years we offer all our customers additional piece of mind with our 10-year master builder guarantee.


Can They Give You a Timeline for the Project?


You want to know how long the work required will take. Ideally, the company should give you a completion date before the project starts. You should also verify whether a company has a track record of completing a project on time.



View the Companies Past Projects


If you’re hiring a company to build your home, you’ll want to select a builder with experience. If you’re looking for a company to complete an entirely new build for yourself and your family, then choose a building company whose aesthetics you appreciate. Have a look at images of their past builds and renovations and see if you’d be happy with similar work.

Ensure the company show you recently completed projects and verified reviews from the clients who have received the work.



How Many Projects Will You be Supervising While Completing My Home?


You don’ t want to hire a builder who is spread too thinly for the size of their team. That means there may be significantly less attention paid to your particular project, which could cause the completion longer than the estimated timeline, or, it may say that the quality of workmanship declines.


Urban Build Co always has one clear goal in mind: to deliver you top quality workmanship at the right price and on time. Which is why we will only quote a job if our team have the resource to complete it on time. We believe this approach has lead to us being recognized as one of the most reliable building firms.

Ask About Their Ability to Build Custom-Designed Homes


Some low-quality building companies only build houses to pre-defined templates. If you want to create your ideal family home, you have to be sure the builders you’re hiring are fully capable of producing a home that will surpass your needs expectations.


Who Should Your Payments be Made Payable to


The answer to this question may seem obvious, but it’s wise to ensure your payment goes through the correct channels. It’s preferable to pay directly to the company doing the work rather than directly paying an individual. It’s strongly advisable to never make payments in cash if the individuals are not correctly declaring their income you can be found guilty of violating taxation laws.


Do They Have Any Disputes With The Building Disputes Tribunal?


You want to know your residential builders are reliable, one way of ensuring they’re a reputable company is ensuring they have no recent or active disputes with the Building disputes tribunal.


Are There Any Additional Costs That I Could Encounter During the Project?


You want to ensure your builder will be entirely honest and upfront with you. There may be costs that are unforeseen to builders before beginning a project. For instance, how deep the foundations for a new build need to be is somewhat dependent on the quality of the ground underneath the property. If the ground quality under a property were considerably worse than anticipated, additional excavation costs would be unavoidable. However, builders should be aware of all these possible contingencies and give you best and worse case scenarios for specific elements of a build.


We believe that being 100% transparent with our customers throughout every step of the way has allowed us to excel and become one of the North Shore’s premier building companies. So with Urban Build Co there won’t be any unpleasant surprises.

Local Experience and Testimonials

Before you decide on the builders you want to perform your renovations, you want to do a little investigating into the company’s reputation. Have a read of their testimonials and even consider getting in touch with a past client.

You want to ensure they have great knowledge of the local area and have performed projects near your location. This will enable them to negotiate local planning laws and building regulations better.

Rest assured Urban Build Co have an impeccable record of specialist renovation services across Auckland.


If you’ve any questions or enquiries, don’t hesitate to get in touch! To talk to someone about your maintenance needs, call Ryan on 021627275 or email


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