Identifying and Fixing any Damage Caused by Leaky Home Syndrome.

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Homes built by Urban Build Co would never encounter problems associated with leaky home syndrome. However, Urban Builds have an expert team of multi-skilled tradesman/Licensed Building Practitioners that can tackle any maintenance or repair jobs that have arisen because of the poor craftsmanship of other building companies.

Repairing Leaky Building Syndrome


Leaky building syndrome occurs when the design or recladding of a building isn’t done sufficiently well to provide complete water tightness. This isn’t a massive problem for all types of structures, but in many buildings this allows Water to penetrate, but not to escape and dry out. This fault if not immediately addressed causes moisture levels to rise and rot to set in. Eventually, this leads to significant structural damage as well as a range of health hazards. The homes at most of leaky building Syndrome in New Zealand were built in 1999 and 2000.


To be sure your home isn’t affected by leaky building syndrome be sure you don’t identify any of these telltale signs:

  • High moisture readings
  • Bubbles in coatings caused by water penetration behind plaster
  • Saturated cladding causing moisture to soak into bottom plates


The earlier you identify problems such as these, the less damage is likely to be caused to your property and the cheaper the solution will be. Urban build can assess the level of damaged caused by the leak and perform all of the necessary maintenance. Urban build can accurately identify issues in the original cladding and amend any water tightness issues. They can also provide complete, waterproofed, aesthetic complete recladding at a competitive rate.


If your home has been damaged due to leaky home syndrome, the government could subsidies either 25% or 50% of the fee depending on the policy of the local authority where you reside.



Squeaky or Rotten Floor boards Repairs


Squeaky floors might be ok in the scenario that you want to catch a snoop in your house, but they’re terrible for every other reason. Luckily they’re usually a pretty inexpensive and quickly fixed. The primary cause of squeaky floorboards is slight shrinkage of the wooden beams.


Urban builds Reliable building team will be able to quickly repair a floorboard so that they’re as good as new.


Rotten floorboards are a much more serious issue. Think of rotten floorboards as a life form eating away at the structure of your home. This is literally what happens when your floorboards become damp for a prolonged period, fungal spores delve into the wood and begin to eat away. Wood that has been affected by rot had to be cut out and replaced so that the infestation doesn’t spread and harm surrounding flooring. The Cutout section will then need to be replaced with the same type of wood and the floor varnished to achieve consistency. Urban Builds have an expert team that can perform the necessary floorboard repairs efficiently and cost-effectively.


Urban build Co expert craftsmanship will ensure the new flooring looks beautiful and fits the aesthetics of your home.


Plastering and Painting

When replastering large area, such as a complete wall or ceiling it’s crucial the plasterer has a proper technique and a great deal of practice to achieve an even finish.


If leaks have damaged your existing plaster or you’ve discovered some cracks in your plasterboard while performing DIY renovations. You should likely get in touch with a trained professional to complete the process elegantly and leave your walls looking as good as new.

Water damage can cause huge amounts damage to homes, which is why Urban Build Co always make sure cladding is completely watertight. Water damage can also cause damage to electric wiring in which case you will want to hire a professional electrician.

Urban Builds maintenance division comprises a small team of multi-skilled tradesman/Licensed Building Practitioners that can tackle any job you may need doing! No job is too small or too big. We cover both minor to extensive residential and commercial property maintenance, and you can expect exceptional service and high quality on every job.


The three jobs covered in this article are just a small selection of the maintenance projects Urban Build Co regularly perform. Urban Build service both residential and commercial clients for all their building maintenance needs.


When choosing a building team for any maintenance, you should view their testimonials. Urban Build Co endeavour to provide the highest quality building and maintenance services at a highly competitive rate and always aim to delight our clients.


To talk to someone about your maintenance needs, call Ryan on 021627275 or email

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